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What is Hydrology?

Hydrology is defined as the study of the occurrence, distribution, movement and balance of water in the natural and built environment. TEC Ltd have the knowledge and understanding to complete detailed reports and investigations as required in any hydrological scenario.

Flood impact assessments

Hydrology Flood Impact

Developments in areas prone to flooding may require an assessment of the suitability of the site for development. Flood risk can arise from a number of sources, including fluvial and surface waters, groundwater and coastal waters. TEC Ltd have the expertise to carry out detailed flood impact assessments for a range of developments. Where there is deemed to be a flood risk associated with the site then suitable measures can be proposed and designed in order to mitigate against the flood risk. TEC Ltd have the expertise and experience to carry out flood risk assessments and detailed calculations to determine flood plain extent for specific return period events.

Hydrology Flow Measurement

Flow measurement and sampling

TEC Ltd can implement detailed monitoring regimes to collect streamflow data as required as part of a more comprehensive hydrological assessment. Sampling can also be undertaken to assess the chemical and microbial quality of any water body.

Assimilative capacity

Where it is being proposed to discharge any form of effluent to a surface water, whether the effluent is residential, commercial or industrial in nature, it may be necessary to carry out assimilative capacity calculations to determine the feasibility and degree of dilution available in the receiving water body. TEC Ltd can complete such assessments, and propose mitigation measures where any proposed discharge id deemed to impact on the quality of the receiving water.

Stormwater management

Stormwater management is an integral part any hydrological investigation. Stormwater management is dealt with in the stormwater management section of this site.

Hydrological asessments

A detailed examination of the hydrological regime of any considerable development site is a requirement for most environmental impact assessments. This is especially the case with developments in sensitive hydrological areas where a change in the hydrological regime of an area may have a significant impact. TEC Ltd have the expertise to complete hydrological assessments across a broad spectrum of developments in a cost effective yet comprehensive manner.